request an 


In most cases, you do not need a referral as we are a

Direct Access Clinic

Call or email the clinic to schedule an evaluation.  At the time of scheduling we request the following information:

  • Insurance information to verify benefits for you prior to first appointment

  • Email address for access to client portal for online intake forms

You may also request an appointment online through our client portal. You will be able to see what times are available and request a specific date and time.

Our client portal streamlines the intake process by allowing you to sign all paperwork electronically and automatically downloading your information into your client file. Completing paperwork prior to your initial appointment will maximize evaluation and treatment time. For more information on client portal,  click here 

Please bring the following to your first appointment:

  • comfortable clothes (gym clothes, sports bra, etc)

  • Insurance ID card (needs to be scanned)

  • MD referral --if you are a referred client, not needed for Direct Access

your first


Your initial evaluation will take about an hour. We will spend a good deal of time reviewing your medical history and the specifics of your current injury. The evaluation will include a comprehensive assessment of sitting and standing posture, strength, range of motion, motor and neurologic control, and gait analysis. We screen for any possible neurologic or vascular involvement and look for deficits in balance. Your therapist will also look for specific joint restrictions and muscle /fascia tightness that may be causing referred pain. A full orthopedic screen will also assist us in diagnosing the root of your problem.

The initial evaluation may also include an integrated movement assessment. As a Champion Performance Specialist, your therapist has been trained in a comprehensive system designed to completely break down 9 fundamental movement patterns: squat, hinge, step, lunge, lateral lunge, push, pull, overhead reach, and rotation. Depending on your issue, your movement assessment will include some or all of these movements.  Our goal is to not just to get you to back to pain free movement , but to train you with improved movement patterns. Better movement leads to better results and reduced risk of future injury.

We will discuss these findings with you as well as provide you with a differential diagnosis of your issue. Your therapist may determine that you need to be referred to another specialist and will make that recommendation. If you are an appropriate candidate for physical therapy, we begin treatment on the first day.


your customized PLAN

At re+ACTIVE we take pride in creating a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Using evidenced based interventions and protocols for specific injuries, we can safely treat any musculoskeletal condition. However, we believe that focus should not just be on the injury, but more importantly on the needs of your life that the injury may be limiting. We believe in a  movement based approach, training and correcting patterns of movement to get you back to doing the things YOU want to be doing, doing them safely and correctly, and reducing your risk of further injury. 

One of the ways that makes us unique is our one on one, private  approach. This allows us to time to discuss your concerns and healing process with you, provide thorough manual treatment, and adjust your home exercise plan accordingly.  This approach helps improve comfort levels, communication, trust, improve recovery times and prevent further injury.  

re+ACTIVE believes that knowledge is power. We are all about educating our clients and providing them with the tools they need to enhance their treatments. We can only control what happens within the walls of our studio, its up to you to control what happens the other 99% of your time! Our goal is to get you better and keep you better!